My Vw Corrado G60

My 1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60

Welcome to My 1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60 page.

Here you can read about my own Vw Corrado G60.

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General Spec

  1. 1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60
  2. 1800cc 8 valve with G-Lader Super Charger
  3. 210 Bhp. 190 Lb/Ft Torque
  4. Late VR6 style chassis
  5. LO41 Gloss Black Paint
  6. Elec Rear Spoiler
  7. Elec Windows/Mirrors/Sunroof
  8. Central Locking/Adjust Steering Column

Engine/Under Bonnet

  1. Ported/Polished Super Charger
    Test caption and test link to show that a pic can be opened via highslide and also in a new window. • New Window
  2. 68mm Super Charger Pulley
  3. RSR Super Charger Outlet
  4. Ford Red Top Injectors 0280150945
  5. SNS Stage 5 Anti Lag Chip
  6. Porsche 3.5bar Fuel Pressure Reg 0280160263
  7. Innovate LC-1 wideband Kit Feeding ECU
  8. Red 8mm Silicone HT Leads
  9. Boost Return Deleted
  10. Air Box Snorkel Removed
  11. Outside Temp Sensor in Air Box
  12. Carbon Canister Removed
  13. Ported/Polished/De wedged Throttle Body
  14. Decat PipeWerx Center Box, Magnex System
  15. Various Painted/Polished Parts
  16. Sierra Cosworth Intercooler
  17. Two Spal 9 inch Radiator Fans


  1. 9x16 Borbet A, Black Centers, Bolt In Valves
    Vw Corrado • 9x16 Borbet A • New Window
  2. 9x16 Borbet B, As Spare Wheels
    Vw Corrado • 9x16 Borbet B • New Window
  3. 215/45 Tyres All Round
  4. 6mm Machined From Rear Discs
  5. FK Konigsport Coilover Suspension
  6. Headlight Inners Painted Black
  7. SubtleTint Lamin-X Headlights
  8. GunSmoke Lamin-X Fog Lights,Indicaters
  9. Integrated Side Lights In Front Indicators
  10. Yellow Halogen Headlight Bulbs
  11. Yellow LED Rear Indicator Bulbs
  12. Red Lamin-X Rear Lights
  13. Pressed Metal Number Plates
  14. German Flag Badges on Wings
  15. Black Side Repeaters
  16. Storm Single Wiper Kit
  17. Debadged Grill
  18. Dewipered Rear
  19. AirLift, Accuair E-Level Air Ride Suspension


  1. Head Unit Relocated
  2. JBL Speaker Upgrades
  3. Sony 10inch Subwoofers in Custom Shelf
  4. Omex Shift Lights Custom Fitted to Dials
  5. VDO Boost/Vac/Volt Gauges In Stereo Hole
  6. VDO Oil Pres/Oil Temp Gauges In Custom Panel
  7. Innovate LC-1 Red LED Fuel Ratio Gauge
  8. Custom Made Red LED Volt Gauge From Alternator
  9. Full Interior Swap, Grey to Black
  10. Late Style Indicator/Light Stalks
  11. Red Painted Dial Needles
  12. Green Dials/Switches Changed to Red
  13. Custom Red LED Gear Knob
  14. Momo Millennium Steering Wheel
  15. Custom Vw Horn Push
  16. Black Vinyl SunStrip

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My 1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60

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